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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover exactly what I do and how I can help you.

I aim to deliver a transparent service by keeping my customers informed of all the details relevant to their specific job so there are no hidden suprises. I’ve listed a selection of the most common questions on this page to help new customers understand what mechanical services I provide.

Can’t find the answer? Let me help:

Do you come to me to do the repairs and services?

Yes I will come to your home or work place to do all Service work and Repairs on Diesel and Petrol vehicles. I never tow cars away for repairs as I am a Mobile Mechanic.

Who is working on my car and are they fully qualified?

I am the only person that will be working on your car and I am Fully qualified on Mechanical and Electrical with over 30 years experience in the Motor Industry.

How often should my vehicle be serviced?

I service vehicles every 10 000 km or once a year depending on the service plan you have had and manufactures Specifications.

Are all fitted parts good quality and come with warranty?

Yes all Electrical and Mechanical Parts fitted are of high quality and have a full manufactures guarantee including my labour you also have a full guarantee with all Service and Repairs done to your vehicle.

Do you remove engines and gear boxes on site?

No I do not remove any engines or gearboxes on your premises.
Health and Safety is a big thing for me and any work that is done on your site is done in a safe professional tidy manner.

Do you do tyre repairs?

No I do not do tyre repairs as I am fully mobile and do not have the room in my van for tyres and tyre equipment.

Do you outsource work to be done on my car if needed?

No, I do not as I would give you recommendations and I do not like adding commission on work that I have not done as this would cost you more on repairs.

Are you a registered WINZ suppler and do you provide WINZ quotes?

Yes I am a WINZ suppler and do WINZ quotes.

Do you do insurance claims?

Yes, I do. I have worked with most of the insurance companies regarding all  electrical and mechanical repairs.

Do you do body repairs?

No, I do not. I am strictly a mobile mechanic and auto electrician.

How do I pay?

After all repairs and services are complete I accept payment by:

Credit Card
WINZ Card 

Are there any hidden costs that I should know about?

No, there are no hidden costs as everything that I do is 100% transparent regarding work done and pricing.

All repairs and services are fully quoted before any work is started and will be explained in full and approved by you first.

Can you explain to me the problem on my car?

Yes, I can. I can show you the problem on your car and explain in full what is happening and why it is happening.

How do I know when you will be coming and do I need to be there?

A time and day will be arranged with you and you will receive a call before I come to your location. It would be preferred that you are on the premises when I am working on your car.